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Have you seen the new viral PlanDemic documentary?

There’s a documentary promo currently going viral on FB/Youtube, etc called Plandemic about this woman, Dr. Judy Mikovits. The tagline said something like DOCTORS IN BLACK: global plan to take control of our lives, health and freedom so I figured I’d check it out. Not excited to hear bad things about Dr. Fauci because I think he’s amazing and a much needed voice of reason, but I’m always curious to hear opinions from medical professionals especially now when we’re not getting much direction from the “leadership”. 

Open scene, doctor and filmmaker are walking thru the park and we find out that back in the 90s she was arrested with no warrant, put under a gag order and forced into bankruptcy and that everything Fauci is saying now is propaganda because he, along with the NIAID, directed a cover up to steal part of her idea that related to an HIV vaccine so they could make money off the patent. 

So I’m watching this thinking omg… that’s awful… and expecting the rest of this documentary to continue down a path of investigation to expose something similar going on with the COVID-19 vaccine now. Because let’s be real, there’s MONEY made in medical patents. But then she takes a hard left and starts talking about how viruses evolve, says she's not an antivaxxer but then says the flu vaccine increases your odds of getting COVID-19 by 36% and that’s why the government is waiting for everyone to get it. But if everyone has it, then what's the point of a vaccine? At that point wouldn’t we need a cure? She throws out so many other conspiracies and random stats and interviews and never even bothers to circle back to why she brought Fauci up in the first place. So like…. I’m sorry, but overall what’s the point of this doc?

A couple other things that caught my attention:

She didn’t address any other countries beyond the US and Italy, so if this is a US cover up then why is it a global pandemic?

There’s an interview of, I’d assume because he’s wearing scrubs, a doctor (no clue who he is because he’s not credited) where he says our immune system gets weaker by not being exposed to germs and other people, which I don’t doubt could be true over a number of years… I’m not a scientist (and pls chime in if you are) but I highly doubt stay at home orders for a few months would elicit that level of change 🙄 

In regards to Fauci taking credit for the AIDS treatment to make money off the patent, that’s messed up if true but is he currently working on a vaccine? Does he have a stake in one we don’t know about yet? How is this relevant? What motivation would he have currently to stall any treatments in progress? These are all serious questions that need to be addressed if you’re gonna point the finger ijs.

Another thing she said that I thought was odd, regarding how hospitals report COVID related deaths: “you don’t die with infection, you die from an infection” Again, I’m not a doctor or scientist, but my understanding is this is exactly why doctors say ‘such and such died due to aids related complications’ bc the actual cause of death can be any number of things, hepatitis/bacterial infection/etc. or some other secondary issue that causes death not the actual disease. For example, if someone died from an infection that they got from bed sores that they got from being in the hospital due to COVID-19, that person will have died WITH COVID, right? Yea...I’m not on board with this woman. She’s playing on semantics and small details, that most people won’t question, with the intention of stirring up mistrust. I also think it would have been helpful to include names and affiliations of all the ‘doctors’ that were interviewed. Without that information on the screen, we could literally be watching any random person in scrubs giving their opinion.

She’s got an interesting mix of truth and conspiracy theory I will say that lol. But I think that’s exactly how a lot of these fake exposees end up going viral. Throw in a couple well known names, government agencies and fake statistics and boom! You automatically sound like you know what you’re talking about. My best friend and I used to have this game we would play where we would intentionally make up wild stories and use big words and sound intelligent and it was hilarious how much nonsense was believed and repeated. We really had her sister thinking the Pope was 119 years old hahahaha! (not saying any names you know who you are) Not so funny when the nonsense is causing fake protests during a global health pandemic… This is exactly why I agree that FB and Youtube need to take responsibility for removing content that promotes false health claims. More discord is the last thing we need right now as a country. But that's another conversation for another day… Maybe I’ll write about that next. :) 

So what were your thoughts on the PlanDemic video? Do you think this woman has valid points and I’m way off target? Or what tipped you off that she might be a little loony? Let me know in the comments...


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