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#MajorStyleInspo - High Leg Bikini + Tied up T

@Flamcis in Missguided & Urban Outfitters

I think I first saw this combo on Flamcis and was like ok I need that slay ASAP. And then I kept noticing it on insta and pinterest, sometimes with a high waist and sometimes with a high leg, sneakers & hats are added bonus.

When it came time to pack for Cabo, that was top priority. I found a couple similar bikinis on Ali Express (for $4!) and the best by Frankie’s Bikinis but I wasn’t really trying to spend that much on a bikini.

Then at like the last possible day before I left, I found the perfect bottoms at Forever 21 AND they were 2 for $16. Unfortunately, Urban Outfitters sold out of the Budweiser vintage tee and I couldn’t pull this off in Cabo. #fail

BUT my girl Stephanie nailed it. Well done boo. -xx


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